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Domain Name Registration and Registration Tips

The domain name is your web address, for example ours is DMasters.net.

See if your domain name is available here and reserve it today for only $19.95/yr: Check Domain Name Availability

$19.95/year .com/.net/.org  domain registration.

 Design Masters Net Services' Domain Names Register and Manage

If you are planning on having us design a website for you you can either register your domain online or you may have us do it for you. 

If you are designing your website yourself or just want to get a name for future use you can protect the name you want by registering it now.  Our registration system is compatible with all standard web design and hosting specifications.  By registering your domain here you are in no way limiting your choice on who will design or host your website.


Domain Name Registration Features


Low investment domain name registration for 1 to 10 years.

Auto-Renewal Service - This free and optional service ensures you won't lose your name by forgetting to renew at renewal time.

Domain-Lock Service - Also optional and free this service helps prevent high-jacking of your domain.

Extra features - Free features for registrants who want to register their domain name to reserve it for the future.  These features include:

Web forwarding - forwards to an existing webpage.  When a internet user type in the name you registered - "www.YourNameHere.com" you may have them see "www.YourExistingWebsite.com" until you decide to develop the new name.

E-mail forwarding - Forwards "yourname@YourNameHere.com" to your existing e-mail address.

Typically, registration costs about $35 a year, however you can register your domain name for a significantly lower investment of only $19.95 a year through our website.  All of the extra domain name features discussed are also available at no extra charge.


Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

A.  Make your domain name easy to remember.

B.  Try to use a name that won't be misspelled or mistyped.

C.  If possible include what your product or service in your domain name.

D.  Don't use misleading names.  Stay away from using the competitions name or slight misspellings to attract other peoples traffic.  If you do and your website is successful, this same competition may be able to legally take your website, profits, or even damages from you.


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