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About Us - Design Masters Net Services

Design Masters Net Services was started in 2000 with a primary focus on onsite technology services for computers and networking. Design Masters also provides a compilation of web solutions which are both "high end" and "value based" and now has over 4 years of experience in the web services field.  This experience has been utilized to select the best combination of services that would provide the best value to the people and companies we serve.

Local Services:  Design Masters Net Services continues to provide onsite computer and networking services in Tampa Florida.  TampaTechs.com has been created as an online portal to these services where more information on what we offer can be found.

Hosting Solutions: Design Masters provides a number of web hosting solutions, all of which contain a full range of features. These features were selected based on not only on what the average client needs but also on what features our clients could benefit from and would be likely to use if available.

Domain Names:  Again when it comes to Domain Names, Design Masters has gone all out providing simple and flexible domain name registration at a lower than average yearly investment.  The many features available are the most demanded and provide versatile system that should work with nearly any other web service or provider.  Design Masters Domain Name Registration allows clients the freedom to utilize there domain name with other service providers of their choice.

Full Service Web Design: The value continues to grow with high end, low investment e-commerce, search engine, and merchant services.

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